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Patagonia’s bet on biotech fabrics may threaten livelihoods and ecosystems (News/Press Release)
Farmers and environmentalists sound the alarm
Genetically-Engineered Clothes: (Report)
Synthetic Biology's New Spin on Fast Fashion
Too Big to Feed: The Short Report (Report)
Mega-mergers and the concentration of power in the agri-food sector
Leading African Biodiversity Advocate Denied Canadian Visa Days Before UN Forum (Article)
As international debate on gene drive technology heats up, Canadian immigration officials deny a key voice
US Attempting to Move Forward with Geoengineering (Article)
Open-air experiments defy global moratorium, could help lock in ‘big bad fix’ for climate
NEW VIDEO: Who Will Feed Us? The Peasant Food Web vs the Industrial Food Chain (News/Press Release)
Peasant-led Agroecology and Food Sovereignty Feeds the World
NEWS RELEASE: Europe bows to Bayer-Monsanto... US may follow (News/Press Release)
Civil society responds with call for a UN Treaty on Competition
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